Press Release

Press Release

Press Release Distribution, Google news, Premium Media outlets

Are you looking to alert the public about your new Business? Definitely, you need a premium press release distribution service.

I will submit press releases and published them on the network of over 550+ news sites, including affiliates of NBC, CBS, Fox News, MarketWatch, Digitaljournal, daily herald, and More Premium Sites that receive million of visitors every month for a massive boost in exposure and search rankings.

Features and Benefits PR:

You can include up to five links to your websites/blog/homepage in your Press Release.
You can attach relevant pictures and images to your Press Release.
You can include a YouTube video in your Press Release distribution
Search Engine Friendly Press Release distribution service;
Instant Authority, Trust & Credibility
Almost all online activities begin with a search engine.
I ensure your PR is submitted to all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN, etc. I'm committed to pushing your news towards top billing on the leading search engines.

Important Note: I Don't Accept Porn music, Movie, Gambling, Casino, dating , pig or Wine Etc sites