Music Distribution

music distribution

With our global music distribution services, your music will be available on World top 150+ Song market places,With License!
such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Shazam, Deezer, YouTube, and more 100+ Sites.
How It Works:
1. Send me a message to receive our specifications sheet.
2. Make sure that all your music files, metadata, and cover artworks comply with the above requirements.
3. Place an order.
4. Upload your artwork, songs, metadata and set the desired release dates.
5. We will review and upload all files. In case some files do not comply with the requirements, we will contact you with specific instructions on what to change
6. Once everything is ready, your music will be sent to the music platforms.
7. On the day of the release, we will create a SmartURL for your Single, EP or Album. This SmartURL will redirect your fans to a landing page and from there they can decide which music service they want to use to listen to your music
8. Free ISRC Code and UPC Code

Send your Album Basic Information:
-Primary Artist or Band Name
-Title of an Album, Single, or EP
-Main Genre
-Wave audio file 16 bit
-Album Art
-All Genres

Inbox Me Before You Place Your Order.