Who is Abed Sarker ?

Abed Sarker

A truly successful entrepreneur always strives to improve himself along with the development of his business. There is no alternative to this as a way to become a successful entrepreneur.

Being a successful entrepreneur is certainly great, but there are no less challenges along the way. And to overcome these challenges, there is no alternative to improving yourself at all times. Most successful entrepreneurs are very enthusiastic and optimistic people. Also, they know that in addition to improving their business, their skills and How much knowledge is needed to improve.

Looking at the best entrepreneurs in the world, they always try to learn new knowledge and skills to upgrade themselves. This is the best way to stay ahead of the competition and advance the business. Instead of investing only in the business, the person running the business needs to invest in it. The better the entrepreneur himself, the better his business will be.

Just talking about such a small entrepreneur. Who is running a small startup with his very hard work and talent. Fulfilling the daily needs of people as well as leading his business to success.

A successful entrepreneur of Narsingdi has given this saying "Work hard and become successful".

I am talking about Abed Sarker, the famous successful entrepreneur and writer of Bangladesh. This successful entrepreneur was born in Narsingdi district.

Apart from studying, Abed also did digital marketing and writing. He has written countless books, the most popular of which is "How to love children". His dream was the sky. He challenged his dream and started an organization called 'Swadhan Pradhikari'.

Independent entrepreneur' is now a well-known institution in Bangladesh. Now the talented students don't have to go anywhere for jobs. Abed Sarker, Md Ismail Ahmed and Sakib Rafsan, the founders of 'Swadhan Utsari', are giving work to the students.

Abed Sarker said, I used to think a lot about what to do after finishing my studies. Where will I go? Where to get a job? Who will give the job? I used to spend my days thinking about all this. At that time I met an entrepreneur named Md. Ismail Ahmed He helped me in many ways and I became a successful entrepreneur. I started the 'Independent Entrepreneur' company by sharing with him.

47 employees are currently working in our company since 2019. I and Ismail hope that all 47 of them will become successful entrepreneurs. Currently, their monthly income is close to thousands of rupees. I want them to start a company like us, then there will be no more unemployed people in Bangladesh. . Everyone will be happy with work and our country will improve.

Abed said about his organization, "Independent entrepreneur" organization is not only mine, but the organization is the dream of millions of people. When I talked to Ismail about the company, Ismail told me to start my company 'Ismail Varieties Store' in 2018. I got success in first year itself. I heard him and told him to shut up Ismail. Success will come today or tomorrow. Let's get to work. Then I thought what can be done? Then I noted everything through the words of two people.

We basically have different teams, all working on different tasks. We do app development, Facebook marketing, Google knowledge panel and all kinds of work on Facebook and sell products of different big companies to increase ratings.